Ny bok!


När jag kom hem från jobbet så låg detta paketet på köksbordet och väntade på mig. Om man har riktigt bra syn så ser man att det komer ifrån The English Bookshop. Min nya Book of the Monthbok!


Visst syns det att den måste vara bra? Och läs bara texten på baksidan:

In 1914, while in Paris visiting her friend Madeleine, Lady Elspeth Douglas’s life is thrown into chaos when  the Germans quickly overrun Belgium. Madeleine’s brother, leaving to join his regiment, has  just proposed and Elspeth set out for England to tell her famil. Instead, she finds herself trapped in the fighting along the French coast, shelled by the enemy. To her rescue comes Captain Peter Gilchrist. But before they can say good-bye, Elspeth and Peter are separated.

Safely in LOndon, Elspeth is haunted by the horrors she witnessed in France. And she cannot forget the gallant Peter Gilchrist.

Abandoning her aristocratic world, Elspeth trains as a nurse and returns to France. There, she finds the man she has no right to love, and amid the ferocity and uncertainty of battle, she must decide whether to follow her heart or her duty – or will a cruel war take both men from her?


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